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The Unholy Bible: Yahweh Revealed

Our philosophers will discuss all the shortcomings of the various beliefs of the “goyim,” but no one will ever bring under discussion our faith from its true point of view since this will be fully learned by none save ours who will never dare to betray its secrets. – The Protocols of the Learned Elders […]

The Minor Prophets Revealed

The minor prophets which are the Books of Hosea, Amos, Micah, Joel, Obadiah, Jonah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi in the Old Testament are relatively unknown. However, there is a wealth of information in some of those books that along with Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Deuteronomy, point to the destructive nature of the Jews. […]

The Book of Isaiah Revealed

Ruthlessness Against Gentiles 11:13 Ephraim’s jealousy will vanish, and Judah’s enemies will be destroyed; Ephraim will not be jealous of Judah, nor Judah hostile toward Ephraim. 14 They will swoop down on the slopes of Philistia to the west; together they will plunder the people to the east. They will subdue Edom and Moab, and the Ammonites […]

How the Bible Enslaves it’s Followers

The Holy Bible is the heart of Judeo-Christianity. It contains both the Jewish scriptures (Old Testament or Hebrew Bible) and the Christian scriptures (New Testament). The following will discuss how the Bible enslaves it’s adherents. I’ll compare both of the scriptures and reason why the former is advantageous to the Jews and the latter is […]

The Book of Ezekiel Revealed

Yahweh’s Punishment to the Israelites for Sinning 4:12 Eat the food as you would a loaf of barley bread; bake it in the sight of the people, using human excrement for fuel.” 13 The Lord said, “In this way the people of Israel will eat defiled food among the nations where I will drive them.” 14 Then I […]

The Book of Psalms Revealed

Psalms is the longest book in the bible with a 150 verses. It is part of the Tanakh. In bibles which only include the New Testament, Psalms is often included. Psalms is mainly a series of poems/songs dedicated primarily to King David – the most revered king of the OT. Psalms is about the utmost […]