Hitler and the Nazis Were Zionists

I had been confused about Hitler for a long time. When I woke up to the Jewish Question some time ago, I was on the sidelines with regards to Hitler. I had never really researched or read up on him, other than what I’ve been told in history class in grade school. There were many sites out there like Renegade Tribune and other Jew-wise and white nationalist sites that were big fans of Hitler. I had known for some time that the Holocaust story was made up and that Germany was not as evil as they were made out to be. However the Hitler being the good guy was full of contradictions. If he was the saint and the savior of the German people and the Aryan race, why did this man nearly totally destroy Poland and it’s beautiful cities? Same with Rotterdam. And what a coincidence it was that Israel was created just three years after WWII ended. There have been persistent questions about the background of Hitler and top ranking Nazi leaders. Perhaps those stories of Hitler being funded by the Rothschild weren’t so far off after all.

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My sources for the following primarily come from Wikipedia and the book Hitler – Founder of Israel, by Hennecke Kardel.

Recently added note: I am going to be quoting some stuff from the Jewish Bible (i.e. Old Testament). This is where Zionism originates and Hitler was a Zionist. To understand Zionism and what his motivations were, you must understand what is in the scriptures. There is no way around it. If you are an adherent to an Abrahamic religion and get offended, I don’t know what to say other than a suggestion that you reevaluate your beliefs. Being against Jewish world hegemony and supporting Christian-Zionism, which all forms of Christianity essentially is, is contradictory.

The Jewish Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria, which is on the German border. His father, Alois, was the illegitimate child of Maria Schicklgruber. There is speculation on who Alois’ father was. At the Nuremberg Trials, Hitler’s legal advisor, Hans Frank, said that Alois’ father was Leopold Frankenberger, a Jew. If that is true, Hitler would be at least one-quarter Jewish. According to Hennecke Kardel, Frankenberger paid child support for Alois for fourteen years.

Hitler’s youth was mired in controversy. He had an affair with his half-niece, Geli Raubal, and got her pregnant. Shortly afterwards, she committed suicide (or possibly murdered). Hitler had romantic relationships with at least three other women that ended in suicide or a suicide attempt. According to Wikipedia, a 1943 report by Walter C. Langer for the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS) describes Hitler as having repressed homosexual tendencies and opined that he was an impotent coprophile. Psychologist Henry Murray wrote a separate psychoanalytical report for the OSS in 1943 that drew similar conclusions. It appeared that Hitler had quite a bit of tendencies towards devious sexual behaviors. This wouldn’t be surprising for a Jewish person.

Hitler and family also had a cozy history with Jews. Hitler was personally instructed in the art of rhetoric and propaganda from a Jew, Erick Jan Hanussen. Maria Schicklgruber, Hitler’s paternal grandmother, was employed at a Rothschild estate. Angela Hitler, Adolph’s older half-sister, managed the Academia Judaica, a boarding house for Jews. Finally, Hitler married Eva Braun during the last weeks of their lives. DNA studies show that Braun was at least part Jewish. According to Hennecke Kardel, after Hitler annexed Austria to Germany, one of the first moves he made was to make all the villages and cemeteries of his ancestors disappear and turn them into military training grounds. Before 1933, much was written on Hitler’s Jewish connections. After Hitler took power, that subject became taboo.

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Rise to Power

Adolf Hitler’s biggest skill was in propaganda and crowd manipulation. After all he mastered the art of propaganda from the Jew, Erick Jan Hanussen. After Hitler’s failed attempt at being an artist, he became interested in politics. Hitler was fiercly right-wing and was against the ideas of liberalism, communism, and democratic-socialism. In 1919, German Workers’ Party (DAP) chairman Anton Drexler, a Jew, was impressed with Hitler’s oratory skill and gave him a copy of My Political Awakening, which contained nationalistic, anti-Marxist, anti-capitalist, and anti-Semitic material. Hitler started attracting a lot of attention with his speeches to nationalists and anti-Marxist organizations. He was awarded the leader of the DAP, which became the Nazi Party in 1921.

In 1918 when Germany lost WWI, the Germans were asked to foot the entire bill for the war (debt was not paid off until 2010) through the Versailles Treaty. That war attempted to destroy the sovereignty of Germany and other central European nations and transform their governments into democratic-republics. The outcome of the war was that Germany experienced serious hyperinflation and an economic crisis. In addition, the communists had won out in Eastern Europe and there was fear that the contagion could spread west. Germans demanded change.

In 1923, in an attempted coup to oust the leaders of the Bavarian Republic, called the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler was arrested. While Hitler was incarcerated, the half-Jew Alfred Rosenberg, became interim leader of the Nazi Party. Hitler served barely one year of his original five year sentence. While in prison, he written most of his first volume of Mein Kampf. His deputy, Rudolph Hess, a Jew, and his chauffeur, Emil Maurice, a part-Jew, helped edit the book. When Hitler was released from prison, economic conditions improved in Germany and the Nazis became less attractive. Hitler also was banned form public speaking because of his extremism. Not discouraged, he appointed the Jews Joseph Goebbels, Gregor Strasser, and Otto Strasser to expand the Nazi Party in northern Germany. When the Great Depression hit in 1929, Hitler exploited that opportunity and the Nazi Party’s popularity rose. He became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, when German president Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler to that position – reluctantly.

Four weeks after Hitler became chancellor, the Reichstag, home of the German parliament, was set on fire. Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch Jew communist, was convicted of setting the fire. The Nazis used this incident to arouse suspicion of communists, which damaged their standings in the upcoming election. With the communist’s loss of popularity, the Nazis and their allies, the German National People’s Party, were able to secure the majority of votes in the Reichstag. The Nazis also used the incident to curtail many civil liberties, such as the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, not unlike the curtailment of liberties following 9/11. The Nazis wanted to block any criticisms of their party. Historians debate whether Van der Lubbe was the real instigator or whether the fire was a false flag set by the Nazis themselves.

The grave of Mariunus van der Lubbe. Memorial at the Südfriedhof in Leipzig – the stones placed are a Jewish grave symbol called matzevot, to show respect.

The Reichstag Fire and political maneuvers such as the Enabling Act of 1933 allowed the Nazis to gain more power and influence within the government. They worked hard to destroy the opposition. Many communists and the social democrats were harassed and arrested. Trade unions were dissolved. Finally in 1934, during the “Night of the Long Knives”, prominent members of the Sturmabteilung (SA), which was the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi and the protector of the Nazis, were killed off. They were thought of as being less than loyal to Hitler when he became chancellor. The orchestrators of the purge were Hermann Goring, Joseph Goebbels, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, and Hitler himself. All of these men, perhaps except Goring, had Jewish roots. When Hindenburg passed away in 1934, Hitler became Fuhrer. The transformation of Germany from a democratic-republic to a dictatorship was complete.

The Communist Jews are the Problem

“Hitler is a strong man and Germany needs him. By Jews, Hitler means the Galician Jews, who pollute Germany since the war began. Jews of pure German origin he acknowledges and treats as equals. These Eastern Jews influence the Social Democratic Party and the Communist Party. He will get rid of them for sure. Not because they are Jews, but because they are Communists and Social Democrats.”

– Paul Warburg

Hitler’s rise to power was financed by powerful industrialists and bankers. Banks such as Mendelsohn & Co., Kuhn Loeb & Co., Warburg, JP Morgan, Bankhaus J.H. Stein, and Samuel & Samuel helped finance Hitler. Those firms were largely founded by German-Jews. Large sums of money were also given to Hitler by industrialist Oehler and by sugar manufacturer Frankenthal. Prescott Bush, a strongly suspected Jew, helped fund Hitler. Henry Ford, another suspected Jew and a 33rd degree Freemason, helped Hitler’s rise to power as well. The reason why Jews (and suspected Jews) financed Hitler, was their fear of eastern Jewish communism taking over Europe and nationalizing their businesses. These wealthy industrialists would see their wealth evaporate if that happened. Western Jews have always been suspicious of the radicalism of Eastern Jewry. Though in his rhetoric and speeches Hitler generalized about Jews, he was really referring to the eastern Jews. Jewish Nazi leader Hans Frank once remarked,

I don’t want to think about differentiation, which the propagandist Goebbels makes between Western Capitalistic Jews and the Eastern Bolshevist Jews even though, of course, all of us make such a differentiation. Propaganda has to be simple, otherwise people will not understand us. (Kardel, Hitler – Founder of Israel, p95)

The Nazis were not about cleansing the Reich of all Jews – far from it. Wealthy and influential Jewish businessmen, particularly the bankers, and those who supported Hitler’s ideology were protected. Ernst Roehm, who was co-founder of the SA, had this to say,

“All German Jews are to remain in Germany as citizens, provided they shall have a permission to hold posts of university professors, public prosecutors, judges, bankers etc. Careers of Jewish First World War participants are not limited, but the Eastern Jews, who migrated to Germany after the War, will be deported.”

Though Roehm was an early admirer of Hitler, he was seen as a potential rival and was later executed during the “Night of the Long Knives.”

According to the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, even half-Jews could be approved to be a citizen of the Reich as long as they didn’t practice the Jewish faith (at least not openly) or have a Jewish spouse.

While Nazi leaders espoused the virtues of national socialism and criticized capitalism, they quietly took in money from the capitalists:

When someone requested Mr. Goebbels to explain what the Socialism means, he responded tangibly, but with a Levantic philosophy: “The National Socialism is not yet fully defined, but in the stage of creation. It is still modified and for this reason it can not be totally embraced. The National Socialism has simplified the German thinking.”

Corresponding to this were the conjectures of foes within the socialist camp: “In the beginning the inflexible Adolf Hitler was acting decently. Today, he is only a creature of the big industry. Does anybody really think that the iron and coal magnates would give away their mighty pecunia to the Union whose goal is to expropriate them and later on to honor Teutonic God by hanging them on the nearest street lamp?” (Kardel, 79)

Walther Funk, a Jew, was an economist born into a merchant family. He was a Nazi official who served as Reich Minister for Economic Affairs (1938–1945) and was president of Reichsbank from 1939 to 1945. According to Kardel, by eliminating remnants of the caste system he allowed people to act selectively and in full authority as the Darwin’s theory proclaims: “The fittest succeed”. Socialization of companies or department stores, as the Party’s Program provided, was not pursued.

The Zionist Conspiracy

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews … become worse … this will assist in realization of our plans … I have an excellent idea … I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth … The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends.”

– Theodor Herzl, 1897

Nazis leaders, including Hitler, were hardcore Zionists. They had one thing in mind and that was to create a homeland for the Jewish people. While Winston Churchill, though part-Jew himself, was hesitant on the Israeli project, Hitler was going all in. In August 1933, Hitler and the German Zionists entered into the Haavara Agreement, which encouraged emigration by allowing Jews to transfer property and funds from Germany to Palestine. This agreement helped make possible the migration of 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in 1933–1939.

“My dear (Hans) Frank” said Hitler, “The possibility of being a quarter-Jew is not my ‘dark spot’ which makes me furious. I want everything to be clear. So I order you, as my Attorney General of the German Reich, to solve this question legally. Do not forget one thing – the will of the Jews to migrate to Palestine is of the highest priority in the wealth of our power. So let them leave our country, and you take care of the legality.” (Kardel, 95)

Adolf Eichmann upon returning home from Haifa on October 2, 1937: “People of Jewish national circles are very excited about the radical German politics toward the Jews, because this has increased Jewish population in Palestine many-fold. In a short time they will become the majority among the Arabs.”‘ (Kardel, 99)

The English, as well as the Third Reich Government, in the official declarations promised that the land in Palestine will belong to the Jews as their National Homeland. While the British Mandate rulers broke said promise with patrol boats, destroyers and airplanes, Hitler’s helpers and helpers’ helpers did everything possible by confiscation, fire and murder in order to satisfy the agreements made with Zionists. (Kardel, 109)

The pro-Aryan and anti-Jewish paper Das Schwarze Korps,which was the official paper of the SS, was Zionist to the core. They written, “The time is near when the Palestine will be taken again by its sons, who through the past one thousand years were lost all over the World. Let our good wishes accompany them.”

Hitler, knowing much about Zionism (International Judaism) got excited (about Hjalmar Schacht’s proposal of financing Jewish emigration out of Germany and into Palestine) and the credulous Schacht went to London to bargain with the Bank of Samuel & Samuel. Lord Bearsted, previously known as Marcus Samuel, asked for a few more days to rethink all of this because first he has to negotiate with Chaim Weizman, the President of the Zionist’s World Congress. “Meshuge” (“Crazy” – he thought in Hebrew) – replied the Zionist Leader, while listening to the plan. “Who, I have to ask, will go to Palestine? I would rather see the destruction of the German Jews than the ruin of the State of Israel because of them.” (Kardel, 113)

The Nazi leaders were followers of Judaism and were radical scripture followers. That much is clear from their behavior.

The word of the LORD came to me: “Son of man, the people of Jerusalem have said of your fellow exiles and all the other Israelites, ‘They are far away from the LORD ; this land was given to us as our possession.’

“Therefore say: ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says:

Although I sent them far away among the nations and scattered them among the countries, yet for a little while I have been a sanctuary for them in the countries where they have gone.’

“Therefore say: ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will gather you from the nations and bring you back from the countries where you have been scattered, and I will give you back the land of Israel again.’

Ezekiel 11:14-17

Hitler believed he was the Jewish Messiah. The Jewish Nazis believed in racial separatism and keeping the nations pure. They promoted hatred of the Jews. They prohibited marriage between a Jew and a German. This racial separatism and mutual hatred had the intended effect of strengthening Jewish ethnocentrism and solidarity. This also encouraged Jews to emigrate out the Reich and disperse their seed elsewhere. What other event in history was this similar to? The Spanish Inquisitions of the 15th century of course. The Inquisitions was headed by the Jew, Tomas Torquemada. The result of the Inquisitions was that Jews would be dispersed to other parts of Europe, the Levant, and the Americas and infect their poison there.

For you (Jews) will spread out to the right and to the left; your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities.

Isaiah 54:3


Even if you don’t believe that Hitler was a Jew and that there is no Jewish-Nazi conspiracy, it would be impossible to overlook the many important members of the Nazi Party who were clearly Jewish. It was not that there were merely random low-level Jews among Hitler’s men. It was that Jews made up some of the most prominent members among the Nazis.

Reinhard Heydrich (1904-42) – Was one of the most powerful member of the Nazi Party and had almost unlimited powers within the Reich. Heydrich was director of the Gestapo. He was the founding head of the Sicherheitsdienst (Security Service, SD), an intelligence organization charged with seeking out and neutralizing resistance to the Nazi Party via arrests, deportations, and murders. Heydrich was director of the Reich Security Main Office (which oversaw the Gestapo, Kripo, and SD). He helped organize Kristallnacht, a series of attacks against Jewish businesses and synagogues. Heydrich was considered the principal architect of the “Holocaust.” He chaired the January 1942 Wannsee Conference which formalized plans for the “Final Solution to the Jewish question.” His outline of the Final Solution was:

(a.) to prepare for an increasing emigration of Jews

(b.) to guide the stream of moving emigrants

(c.) in certain cases to accelerate the emigration process. He called this “the goal of cleaning the German living space of Jews in legal ways.” On that day Heydrich did not talk about the extermination of Jews.

Wikipedia on Richard Bruno Heydrich, the father of Reinhard: (The) Heydrichs weren’t noted as being particularity antisemitic, and the family enjoyed cordial relations with their Jewish neighbors. Many Jewish children attended the Halle Conservatory, Bruno rented out the basement of the school to a local Jewish salesman, and his eldest son Reinhard was friends with the son of the local cantor, Abraham Lichtenstein.

Bryan Mark Rigg, a Jew, written this: When Heydrich was a child in Halle, neighborhood children made fun of him, calling him “Isi” (Izzy), short for Isidor, a name with a Jewish connotation. This nickname upset Heydrich. When he served in the navy, many of his comrades believed he was Jewish. Some called him the “blond Moses.” Others who lived in Halle have claimed that everybody believed that his father, the musician Bruno Heydrich, was a Jew. Half-Jew Alice Schaper nee Rohr, who took piano lessons from Bruno, claimed, “We all knew he was Jewish. …He looked just like a typical Jew.”

Heydrich, a telegraphist and a sexual pervert, served in the Navy but after having insulted a girl who was impregnated by him, was discharged under allegation of “disgracing the soldier’s honor”. Reinhard Heydrich was convinced that some almighty force eliminated his predominantly Jewish traits. According to the name specialist Mr. Kessler, many Jews with the name Goldman had changed it to their favorite “Reinhard” (meaning “Pure to the Full Extent”) (Kardel, 89)

Heydrich was assassinated in Czechoslovakia in 1942 by an opposition group. As punishment, Hitler destroyed the town of Lezaky and murdered all it’s male inhabitants. Lezaky is where Hitler thought the group responsible for aiding the killing came from.

A very Jewish looking face.

Adolf Eichmann (1906-62) – Was a prominent member of the Nazi Party and considered one of the major organizers of the “Holocaust.” In actuality, Eichmann was one of the main reasons why the state of Israel was a success. As a Jew, he helped carry out Jewish biblical prophecies of the creation of Israel by the sacrifices of Jews and Gentiles.

According to Wikipedia, before the war, Eichmann traveled to British Mandatory Palestine with his superior Herbert Hagen in 1937 to assess the possibility of Germany’s Jews voluntarily emigrating to that country, disembarking with forged press credentials at Haifa.

In 1938, Eichmann was posted to Vienna to help organize Jewish emigration from Austria, which had just been integrated into the Reich through the Anschluss. Jewish community organizations were placed under supervision of the SD and tasked with encouraging and facilitating Jewish emigration. Funding came from money seized from other Jewish people and organizations, as well as donations from overseas, which were placed under SD control. Eichmann was promoted to SS-Obersturmführer (first lieutenant) in July 1938, and appointed to the Central Agency for Jewish Emigration in Vienna, created in August in a room in the former Palais Albert Rothschild at Prinz-Eugen-Straße 20–22. By the time he left Vienna in May 1939, nearly 100,000 Jews had left Austria legally, and many more had been smuggled out to Palestine and elsewhere.

Then Eichmann, the specialist in foreign matters, moved into the building of the “Israelites Cultural Council” in Prague. There he set up a Center with 32 Departments, which was called “Central Council for the Solution of the Jewish Problem in Boehmen and Maehren”. And here too he employed mainly Jews. Their task was to send abroad 300 Jews daily. (Kardel, 102)

After the war, Eichmann went into hiding but after a number of years, he was finally captured by Israeli intelligence in 1960. He was brought to Israel to stand trial for his crimes against the Jewish people. In defense, his lawyer (Robert) Servatius in the Jerusalem Court demanded a medal for Eichmann’s deeds for his efforts of resettling the Jews in Palestine. Eichmann however did not deny the “Holocaust” nor his participation in it. Eichmann was executed in Ramia, Israel in 1962.

Julius Streicher (1885-1946) – Was a prominent member of the Nazi Party who was the founder of Der Sturmer, a highly antisemitic newspaper which became the main propaganda outlet for the Nazi Party. During the war, Streicher’s articles demanded the annihilation and extermination of the Jewish race. Der Sturmer was very successful and Streicher became rich from it. Though he complained about Jewish sexual perversion in Der Sturmer, he himself had high amounts of lust for sex and engaged in perverted behaviors which would get him in trouble within his party. Streicher was part Jewish and he helped facilitate Jewish immigration into Palestine.

For the sake of this move to the “Holy Land”, Mr. Streicher with his “Stuermer” paper did his best. He insulted, as much as possible, all the Western Democracies which were willing to take the Jews in and in this way hinder emigration to Palestine. (Kardel, 102)

Streicher was convicted at Nuremberg of crimes against humanity and was sentenced to death. According to Wikipedia, at the moment of his execution on October 16, 1946, Streicher’s was the most melodramatic of the hangings carried out that night. At the bottom of the scaffold he cried out “Heil Hitler!”. When he mounted the platform, he delivered his last sneering reference to Jewish scripture, snapping “Purimfest!” Purim is a festival that celebrates the slaughter of Gentiles. Streicher was cremated in the name of Abraham Goldberg.

Heinrich Himmler (1900-45) – Was the longest serving leader of the SS. As the Reichsführer, he selected Heydrich as deputy. Himmler controlled the Waffen-SS, it’s military branch. Hitler briefly appointed him as military commander and later Commander of the Replacement Army and General Plenipotentiary for the administration of the entire Third Reich, late in the war. In early 1945, Himmler, realizing that the war was lost, attempted to open peace talks with the Allies. Hitler, upset with this, ordered for his arrest. Himmler tried to flee but was caught by British forces. While under custody, Himmler committed suicide. Himmler was considered one of the architects of the “Holocaust.”

At the time when Heydrich, as an apprentice to the post of Chief of the Security Services discovered that Hitler’s and Himmler’s grandparents were Jewish, and as yet did not destroy or change his own Identification Documents, nor remove cemetery tombstones, especially of his grandmother Sarah, the two Superiors, Hitler and Himmler, advised him what to do, and agreed to keep him at the post as planned. They also ordered Heydrich to change Himmler’s Jewish-Italian grandmother into an Aryan by forging her I.D. (Kardel, 90)

Himmler’s daughter, Gudrun, married Wulf Dieter Burwitz.

Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945) – Was chief propagandist of the Nazi Party and the Reich Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945. Goebbels had excellent speaking and persuasion skills. He was one of Hitler’s most trusted comrade. Goebbels founded the Nazi paper Der Angriff. Though it was virulently anti-Jewish, it contained numerous pro-Zionist articles. When Jews were being deported out of Germany in 1941, Goebbels ordered that all Jews wear the yellow bade. Hitler and Goebbels also worked together to weaken the influence of the Catholic Church and harass Catholic leaders who were critical of the regime. Goebbels wanted to limit the influence of the Protestant churches as well.

Goebbels was born to Spanish-Dutch Jews. He was so Jewish that he would often be called “Rabbi” in school. According to Wikipedia, in 1932, Goebbels commissioned the publication of a pamphlet of his family tree to refute the rumors that his maternal grandmother was of Jewish ancestry. Goebbels was a womanizer, a common behavior among Jewish men. He was also frail and physically weak. While enrolled at the University of Heidelberg, Goebbels was hoping to write his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Friedrich Gundolf, a Jew. Because Gundolf was no longer teaching, he wrote his thesis under Max Freherr von Waldberg instead, also a Jew. The year after he earned his PhD in 1921, he had a love affair with Else Janke, a half-Jew.

At the end of the war, Goebbels poisoned his six kids with cyanide and he and his wife committed suicide.

Rudolf Hess (1894-1987) – Was born to an English-Jewish mother. Hess was a leading member of the Nazi party and was Deputy Führer from 1933 to 1941. He was born into a family of wealthy merchants. Hess studied geopolitics under Karl Haushofer, a Western Jew and a follower of Lebensraum (the expansion of the German borders into Eastern territory). Hess helped edit Mein Kampf, which was written by Hitler. According to Wikipedia, Hitler decreed on the outbreak of war on 1 September 1939 that Hermann Göring was his official successor, and named Hess as next in line. In addition to appearing on Hitler’s behalf at speaking engagements and rallies, Hess signed into law much of the government’s legislation, including the Nuremberg Laws of 1935.

Hess was fairly protective of Jewish business interests:

The Fuehrer’s Representative, Hess, in a circular to all Party members, prohibited extravagances of any kind against Jewish Department Stores in Karstadt, in Tietz and so forth. The same order was applied to Jewish banks like Deutsche, Dresdner or Commerz Bank. (Kardel, 86)

Hess was put on trial in Nuremberg in 1946 and given a life sentence, instead of death.

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris (1887-1945) – Was a Greek-Jewish admiral and chief of the German military-intelligence wing, Abwehr. According to Wikipedia, Canaris first suggested the use of the Star of David to identify Jews in 1935 to 1936, which set them apart from German citizens within the Reich, heralded their isolation, presaged their compulsory resettlement and ultimately led to their physical annihilation.

Canaris eventually turned his back on the Nazi regime and started to actively resist them. For that he was executed in a concentration camp.

Kurt Gerstein (1905-45) – Was an SS officer put on trial for his role in the extermination of Jews through “gassings.” He produced the infamous Gerstein Report, a very unreliable and contradictory report that was so implausible that it was not even permitted to be used at the Nuremberg trial. This report claimed that up to 25 million people were gassed. Gerstein distributed these false reports to Western Allies.

(In) a letter, priest Buchholz on Gerstein: “He reported to me about this all openly and frankly. He counted names and locations of the death camps. He talked about the ‘daily efficiency’ of various incinerators and gas chambers…, about the daily profits from gold teeth, fillings etc., and told me that the number of victims came up to ten million, which was not known to us and was so terrible, that it was absolutely unbelievable.” (Kardel, 150)

Clearly Gerstein’s report was used to garner sympathy for the Jews and to encourage countries to open their borders to “poor suffering Jews.” In 1936, as a member of the Nazi Party, he was reprimanded for distributing 8500 anti-Nazi material. In 1938, Gerstein was arrested a second time for conduct detrimental to the Nazi regime. After being released he had a “change of heart” with regards to the Nazis and sought reinstatement. There was no clear motivation as to why he would rejoin, other than to spy on it. It was said that Gerstein supplied the gas to exterminate the Jews, but clearly that cannot be believed as there was no proof that gas was used to exterminate victims. Gerstein committed suicide in 1945. He was a Jew and Gerstein is a Jewish surname.

Gottfried Feder (1883-1941) – As the leading Nazi Party theorist on economic questions, (Feder) didn’t have any scruples about taking money from the Jews. This educated and traveling extensively man, made multitude of contacts with businesses, banks, and industries and for the NSDAP disposal mediated funds from the Jewish banks. (Kardel, 57)

Hans Friedrich Karl Günther (1891-1968) – Was a German writer and a eugenist who joined the Nazi party in 1932 as the only leading racial theorist before the Nazis came to power a year later.

“Based on observation it is apparent that the dispersion of Jews among non- Jewish people causes endless commotion which in effect escalates to hatred. Understanding of this phenomenon should be undertaken courageously by the Zionism itself. The Zionism should see it clearly that only the removal of Jews from the cohabitation with non-Jews will create dignified relations. Establishment of an up-standing and appropriately secured Homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine seems to be politically possible.” – Hans Gunther, 1923

Hans Frank (1900-46) – Was Hitler’s Attorney at Law and the son of a Jewish lawyer. Frank served as head of the General Government in Nazi-occupied Poland and was known for his reign of terror. He oversaw four “extermination” camps. During the fall of 1933, Frank announced that the “The Jewish question can only be solved by establishing a Jewish State” at the Nuremberg Reich’s Party Day in 1933. Frank was sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials in 1946 for his crimes against humanity.

Leopold von Mildenstein (1902-68) – Was a Jewish SS officer who spent six months in Palestine. From August 1934 to June 1936, von Mildenstein worked in the headquarters of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD), the security service of the SS, in Section II/112, in charge of the Jewish Desk, with the title of Judenreferent (Jewish Affairs Officer). This title meant that he was responsible for reporting on “Jewish Affairs” under the overall command of Reinhard Heydrich.

During those years, von Mildenstein favoured a policy of encouraging Germany’s Jewish population to emigrate to Palestine, and in pursuit of this policy he developed positive contacts with Zionist organisations. SS officials were even instructed to encourage the activities of the Zionists within the Jewish community, who were to be favoured over the assimilationists, said to be the real danger to Nazism. – Wikipedia

Odilo Globocnik (1904-45) – According to Wikipedia, (Globocnik) was an official of the Nazi Party and later a high-ranking leader of the SS. Globocnik had a leading role in Operation Reinhard, the organized murder of around one and a half million Jews, of mostly Polish origin, during the Holocaust in the Majdanek, Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec extermination camps. Historian Michael Allen described him as “the vilest individual in the vilest organization ever known.” Globocnik was a Jew.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Krüger (1894-1945) – According to Wikipedia, Krüger was a high-ranking member of the SA and the SS. Between 1939 and 1943 he was the Higher SS and Police Leader in the General Government, giving him command of all police and security forces in German-occupied Poland. In this capacity, he organized and supervised numerous crimes against humanity and had major responsibility for the German genocide of the Polish nation: the extermination of six million Poles (three million of them Polish Jews).

Krüger may not have been Jewish but was married to a half-Jew.

Franz Pfeffer von Salomon (1888-1968) – Was first Supreme Leader of the Sturmabteilung (SA). Expelled from the Nazi Party in 1941.

Erhard Milch (1892-1972) – Was a field marshal who oversaw the development of the German air force (Luftwaffe) as part of the re-armament of Nazi Germany following World War I. He was convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg but only served a few years in prison. Milch was the son of Anton Milch, a Jewish pharmacist.


Ignatius Timothy Trebitsch-Lincoln (1879-1943) – Was a Hungarian-born adventurer and convicted con artist. Lincoln, of Jewish descent, spent parts of his life as a Protestant missionary, Anglican priest, British Member of Parliament for Darlington, German right-wing politician and spy, Nazi collaborator, and Buddhist abbot in China.

“Now tell me, please, Mr.Trebitsch,” Hitler asked, “what do you think about Palestine as a solution to the whole caboodle?”

“Two beers,” Trebitsch-Lincoln exclaimed and mused.

After a moment and another sip he beamed with his beautiful Vienna charm loudly and gaily: “I’ve got it – THE NATIONAL SOCIALISTS AND NATIONAL ZIONISTS UNITE!!! Your wish has God’s ear.”

Kurt Eisner (1867-1919) – As a Jewish communist, Eisner organized the Socialist Revolution that overthrew the Wittelsbach monarchy in Bavaria in November 1918, which led to his being described as “the symbol of the Bavarian revolution.” He was assassinated a year later by Anton Graf von Arco, who himself was a Jew. Von Arco was a far-right activist.

Alfred Rosenberg (1893-1946) – Rosenberg was half-Jewish and born in Estonia. According to Wikipedia, Rosenberg was a Nazi theorist and official who was later convicted at the Nuremberg trials and executed in 1946. Rosenberg was one of the principal ideologues of the Nazi Party and editor of the Nazi paper Völkischer Beobachter. In 1941, Peter Viereck wrote: “In molding Germany’s ‘psychology of frightfulness’ Rosenberg wields an influence as powerful as that of the much publicized Goebbels and the much feared Himmler and his secret police.”

Ernst Franz Sedgwick Hanfstaengl (1887-1975) Was a German-born businessman who was educated at Harvard. Hanfstaengl took over the management of his father’s publishing business in New York City after graduation. He was a close friend of Hitler and joined the Nazis in 1931 before defecting. Hanfstaengl then joined the FDR administration in the US. Hanfstaengl was half-Jewish and his own research revealed that FDR and Hitler were Jewish as well.

Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels (1874-1954) – Was a Catholic monk and a white nationalist and racialist who, along with Guido von List, invented Ariosophy in 1915. Ariosophy means “wisdom of the Aryans.” It was considered an occult and esoteric ideology and may have inspired Nazism. Liebenfels supported castration and sterilization of the inferior races. Hitler and Liebenfels had met on occasion before Hitler’s rise to power. Liebenfels also was the founder of Ostara magazine which published anti-Jewish and Volkisch (German ethno-nationalist movement) theories. This publication may have served as inspiration for Hitler’s anti-Semitism.

Liebenfels was a Jew and was a Zionist. He promoted Hitler’s aim of the founding of the Jewish state of Israel. Liebenfels had a fallout with Hitler, when Hitler refused to acknowledge him and his works. Liebenfels then accused him of stealing and corrupting his ideas. He said Hitler was of “inferior racial stock.”

“We counterrevolutionaries confess to the Jews full rights to their own State in Palestine.” – Lanz von Liebenfels

Kurt Baron von Schröder (1889-1966) – Was a wealthy Jewish banker and financier.

Schröder had organized the banking firm of J. Henry Schröder in London and J. Henry Schröder Banking Corporation in New York… in order to act as conduit for I.T.T. money funnelled to Heinrich Himmler’s SS organization in 1944, while World War II was in progress and the United States was at war with Germany. – Antony Sutton

Philipp Lenard (1862-1947) – Was son of a Jewish merchant of Pressburg, David Lenard. In 1936, he was honored by Hitler with the National Award for Arts and Sciences, and also with the NSDAP’s Golden Sign of Honor.

Theodor Lewald (1860-1947) – A Jew and a member of the Third Reich. Supervised the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.


There were at least a couple of notable false flag attacks to start German’s entry into WWII.

Herschel Greenspan, a Jew, killed a member of the Nazi Party, Ernst von Rath in November 1938. This was used as a pretext for Kristalknact. Greenspan was not even pursued by the Nazis. Kristalknact got (some) of the Germans aroused and caused some destruction of Jewish property. Taking advantage of this situation, the Nazis formulated plans to deport the Jews as in the best interest of both sides. Many sympathizers outside the Reich wanted the Jews to go to places like Switzerland, the US, Cuba, etc. However, the Zionists were insistent that they go to Palestine instead.

On August 31, 1939, the Nazis staged an attack on a German radio station located near the Polish border in Gleiwitz (was in German territory but today inside Poland). The Nazis were German SS officers dressed up in Polish uniform. Hitler gave an address condemning the attacks and announcing his plans to retaliate against Poland. This marked the beginning of WWII.


Any real researcher of the “holocaust” knows that the official number of Jewish victims was far less than the six million number that is heard repeatedly. This number apparently has significance in Judaism and comes up over and over again in history, before and during Hitler’s war.


The actual number of Jews murdered was far less than six million and probably was no more than three or four hundred thousand.

In 1952, in an U.S.’ newspaper, a Jewish statistician estimated 350,000 victims. Thus far this estimate rose to six million. “If we Jews declare that it was six million, then this would be a shameful lie” said the statistician. (“Deutsche Hochschullehrer-Zeitung” (“German High School Teacher’s Newspaper”), Tuebingen, Nr. 3/ 4, 1959)

Among many revisionist materials out there, Thomas Dalton’s Debating the Holocaust absolutely destroys the official Holocaust story by using science, logic, and common sense. There are many other researchers out there such as Arthur Butz, Jurgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno, and Germar Rudolf who do the same. The fact is, it was impossible to gas millions of victims to death, cremate them, and then erase every single bit of evidence, with the type of equipment and personnel they had. Then you had the story of gas vans with diesel exhaust being used to kill tens of thousands, which is completely absurd and inefficient.


Winston Churchill’s 4448 page, six volume set called “The Second World War”, published during 1948 to 1953, never mentioned anything about a Holocaust, a Jewish genocide, or any gas chambers. The same with Dwight Eisenhower’s 559 page book, Crusade in Europe, published in 1948. Both men had Jewish ancestry.

The fact is, the number of Jewish deaths pale in comparison to the number of non-Jewish deaths during WWII. Some historians estimate the number of WWII deaths upwards of 60 million. Yet you seldom hear of the other tens of millions of victims, many of whom died horribly. The Nazis made sure to minimize Jewish deaths and suffering. After all, they wouldn’t want their own people to suffer. Yes the Nazis wreaked havoc on many Jews by displacing them and uprooting their lives and livelihoods. Many Jews died during forced displacements of disease and malnutrition. And many Jews suffered from allied bombings as well.

It was only after the war that the Zionists exaggerated the events, which took place during the years 1942 and 1943, to create sympathy for the Jews. With this, they forced England to honor the Balfour Declaration. Thus the discriminatory actions pursued by Hitler, Heydrich, Eichmann, and Gerstein paid off with long term reparations as the basis for establishment of the State of Israel. Those who performed the acts of “extermination” had no doubt that regardless of the war outcome, the “two thousand year wanderers” of this Globe will regain their “Holy Land.”

The “Jewish Expressions” newspaper printed in Germany, dated January 15, 1960, had no doubts either as it wrote: “The large emigration waves are caused only by the forcible departure from the domicile country.” It appears from all the Hitler’s destructive dealings with the Jews, ever since his Vienna days, that he differentiated Eastern Jews – as said Rathenau: “The Asiatic Hordes”, or simply Heydrich: “The Mob” – from the small minority of the Western Jews whom he recognized, because they supported him in seizing the power with millions of dollars. (Kardel 152)

It is clear that the Holocaust myth has been used to gain sympathy for the Jews and exaggerate Jewish suffering, not just after the war but even during the war, as some members of the Nazi Party, such as Kurt Gerstein, did.


Do not be afraid, Jacob (represents the Jews) my servant, for I am with you,” declares the LORD. “Though I completely destroy all the nations among which I scatter you, I will not completely destroy you.”

– Jeremiah 46:28

The Jewish professor Hannah Arendt in her book “Eichmann in Jerusalem”, printed in 1964, wrote that the Jewish leaders’ participation in the extermination of then-own kind, without any doubt is the darkest chapter in the Jewish history.

That in Amsterdam as in Warsaw, that in Berlin as in Bucharest etc., the Nazis could rely on Jewish functionaries who prepared lists of persons and then-wealth; who collected from them money to cover costs of deportation and extermination; who kept an eye on victims’ apartments; who created their own police to capture other Jews so to bring them to the deportation trains and then assist them to their bitter end, as well as that in the death camps extermination acts were performed by the Jews, all of that was confirmed by the witnesses at the Jerusalem Trial. And these facts, as above, were very well known. The witnesses also confirmed, that the Jewish “Special Squads” worked in gas chambers and crematoriums; that they pulled gold teeth from the dead; cut their hair off; dug graves for the victims and later opened them in order to remove traces of the mass murder; that Jewish technicians built the gas chambers in the “Autonomous” Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia, although none were there but only a Jewish hangman.

Hitler, thanks to his association with the Vienna Jews and his teacher Lanz von Liebenfels, knew about the extreme hatred of the cast-off Jews towards their kinsmen. Just like he made use of this hatred in the straggle for power by employing the Jews in his decisive “body and stomach” gazettes: “People’s Observer” and the “Stormman” (“Stuermer”), so during the War he made use of it for destruction of the Jews. (Kardel 149)

On May 14, 1948, the President of the United States, Harry Truman, acknowledged Israel as a new State. David Gruen from Poland, better known as David Ben Gurion (“A wounded male dove”), as Israel’s first president exclaimed: “A Jew, who does not live in Israel, lives in a sin!”

Hitler at last has finished the “WORK OF THE LORD” by founding the State for the Jews, who were dogged by the ill fortune for over two millennia.

– Hennecke Kardel



Hitler’s war resulted in:

  • state of Israel created
  • outpouring of sympathy for the Jews
  • Zionists get what they’ve wanted
  • destruction of Germany and it’s best warriors and brightest intellectuals
  • endless reparations from Germany and other European countries to Israel
  • bankers and industrialists profit big
  • death of tens of millions of non-Jews
  • massive destruction of the history, architecture, and culture of the non-Jews
  • Gentile racial awareness and racial solidarity becomes taboo
  • world that is much more sympathetic towards eradicating racism by all means

During the war, Hitler made blunder after blunder, especially in his failed attempt to conquer the Soviet Union and destroy communism. When the US entered the war in 1941, Hitler knew that the war was lost but ordered his men to keep fighting even when they had no chance. At that point he was delusional, but felt he was fulfilling “the work of the Lord.” The work he was fulfilling was the continued destruction of the Goyim. During his rise to power, Hitler fooled the masses by pretending to be the savior. He took existing conservative German values and transferred those values to the state. He was the most devious controlled opposition that man has ever seen. Far from being a hero to the Aryan race, Hitler was a psychopath who harmed both Jews and non-Jews. Hitler said one thing but did another. Yes, he spoke truth about Jewish bankers and Jewish infiltrators. That’s how you get people to listen and support you. In the end Hitler protected Jewish power while destroying everything else.

We are seeing similar patterns today. The white nationalist movement are being led by neocon Jews such as Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, Matt Heimbach, Mike Enoch, and many others. The “Jew-wise” sites are led by Jews such as Jeff Rense, Nathaniel Kapner, and Michael Hoffman. David Duke and Kevin MacDonald are strongly suspected to be Jews. Folks today continue listening to fake nationalists and “truthers”. One thing we know from history is that no one learns from history.

Hitler did not rise to power from a grassroots campaign. He was carefully selected because of his rhetoric skills and his full belief in Zionism. Who selected him? Those with money. And who has the money? I think you know. You are controlled by the ones you take money from. No exceptions.

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  1. Carol

     /  January 14, 2023

    Have you gone to ourladyisgod.com. If you don’t like the lord worshipping Christian religion then you might like this. Read the whole site

  2. Carol

     /  January 14, 2023

    I think you might like it because it describes the Bible as a deception to get people away from the true God.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. offbabelon

     /  December 7, 2023

    k21:29  “And he spake to them a parable; Behold (the rebirth of) the FIG tree, AND ALL THE TREES; When THEY now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand. So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Verily I say unto you, (THIS generation of adam), THAT generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.”

    ps90:10  a generation is 70-80 years. 1947+80=less than 2027ad.

    jesus condemned the rebellious FIG tree to never bear fruit mt21:19.
    the 2 witnessess=both covenants united in the messiah rev11=zec4
    are the OTHER olive TREES that DO bear fruit zec4:11-14.
    only messianic judaens, adopted christians and those of a contrite heart ps51:17 are abraham’s heirs. the promise was made to “abraham’s seed”, not every divergent sect that sprang from him.

    there are 2 zions ezk23, 2 baskets of figs jer24:
    the “city of david” BUILT by men=”that great city” of mystery babel-on aka the nwo gen11-rev18
    the “city of peace” BROUGHT by christ=new jerusalem aka the millennial kingdom  heb4:9+rev20:4.

    there are 4 pretenders to god’s throne of mount zion=jerusalem.
    1) jews, think rothschilds are the messiah
    2) muslims, think mohamed is the messiah
    3) pseudo-chritians, think their own works will summon the messiah
    their common denominator ? militant zionism.
    who’s pulling all their strings ?
    4) masonic luciferians, who know satan is their messiah

    amo8:11 “not a famine of bread but of the truth”. 


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