Profiles of the “Truth” Movement

We live in a dangerous world of lies, distortions, and half-truths. When it comes to staying informed there are not many you can trust. Many know that the mainstream media cannot be trusted but few realize that much of the “alternative” media is tainted as well. Staying informed means sifting through sheer amounts of information (and disinformation) concerning foreign policies, wars, politics and the establishment. The levels of deception runs very deep. What makes it difficult is that a lot of those out there that seem genuine and expose many deep things. However many of them mix truths with half-truths and some of them mix truths with all-out lies. Determining those that  are legit requires you to understand the agendas of the establishment. Without understanding the agendas you cannot determine controlled opposition (See my NWO article, titled “Agendas”). For the average person, the more they try to stay informed, the more indoctrinated they become.

From the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

In the hands of the States of today there is a great force that creates the movement of thought in the people, and that is the Press. The part played by the Press is to keep pointing out requirements supposed to be indispensable, to give voice to the complaints of the people, to express and to create discontent. It is in the Press that the triumph of freedom of speech finds its incarnation. But the GOYIM States have not known how to make use of this force; and it has fallen into our hands.

Also from the Protocols:

  • In the front rank will stand organs of an official character. They will always stand guard over our interests, and therefore their influence will be comparatively insignificant.

  • In the second rank will be the semi-official organs, whose part it will be to attack the tepid and indifferent.

  • In the third rank we shall set up our own, to all appearance, opposition, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.

The first rank is the mainstream media. These outlets are the likes of ABC, CBS, and NBC. They are considered to be left of center. The second rank is the mainstream “alternative” media. Fox News and AM talk radio are examples of this. They are considered right of center. The third rank are those that run deeper and pretend to expose the whole system.


Gatekeepers (or shills) share some or all of these characteristics:

• Has a large audience
• Does not name those at the top OR …
… suggests Muslims, Nazis, the Pope, the Chinese, reptiles, globalists, Illuminati, or UFOs as the global elite. Of course names everyone except the ones running the show.
• Is charismatic and smooth talking
• Has a professional presentation and state of the art studio for broadcasting their message (on the flip side, some shills dress and appear as an ordinary Joe with no fancy studio or presentation)
• Willing to do interviews with other shills
• Blames the government for every massacre, mishap, or misfortune instead of looking into those whom are actually pulling the strings
• Plays the silly left-right paradigm
• Promotes a high degree of Muslim-bashing
• Lacks consistency and flip-flops on issues. For instance calling 9/11 an insider job and then later backtracking and saying they were wrong
• Are in an entertainment mood (the actual reality is quite ugly and depressing)
• Is a Jew, is married to a Jew, or has cozy relationships with Jews
• Promotes the Khazar theory or promotes that Jews today are not the same as the “biblical” Jews

Those that do not mention the J’s
You have the left-wing media that names whites as the source of our problems, while the right-wing media says it is the Muslims who are our problem. Few mention the obvious Jewish dominance and influence in media, banking, and government policies (see my writeup on the NWO.) The reluctance of those to mention that fact should by itself eliminate the vast majority of personalities out there. This category of pundits comprise 99 percent of the media talking heads out there and that includes all of mainstream media, talk radio, social media, and the vast majority of the alternative media. I will not name all those who are controlled. That is unnecessary and too many to count. Here are a few examples and are considered “third rank”:

Alex Jones
AJ is the 800 pound gorilla of alternative media. He has a huge following. At one time Infowars was one of my favorite channels. AJ supports the official story of 9/11 and only questions certain aspects of it. Alex Jones believes it is the “globalists” who rules the world. Of course he does not define who the globalists are. You probably have heard the “if you can’t control the opposition, you must lead it yourself.” This is exactly the role Alex Jones plays. Infowars has anywhere from 20-34 Jewish sponsors. At the very least any discussion of the problems of Zionism and Israel would cause his sponsors to defect even if he wanted to discuss it. AJ’s ex-wife is Jewish.

Verdict: controlled

David Icke
Sort of like the British version of Alex Jones. Icke has a huge following as well. He touts that it is the “reptilians” who rule the world. Unlike Jones, he will discuss the problems of Zionism and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. My guess is that Icke has to talk about these things because the Brits are far more aware of what’s going on than the washed-up Americans are. Icke, however, still toes the official line of the Holocaust and WWII. Icke wants you to believe that it is only a few Zionists at the top that are causing problems and that here is no Jewish conspiracy.

Verdict: controlled

Donald Trump
Perhaps the biggest dupe in American history. Had a number of white nationalists and alt-righters in full support of this Zionist shill – such as David Duke. Funny that the whites whom are most concerned about the possible extinction of their race would support someone who is fully committed to a group of people whom have been the most responsible for their problems. Trump’s cabinet is completely kosher. Some have suggested that Trump has some Jewish blood. Sheldon Adelson was Trump’s biggest campaign donor. This Jewish man wanted to nuke Iran off the planet.

Verdict: controlled

Jared Taylor

Jared “Jews look white to me” Taylor is a prominent member of Amren, a white nationalist organization. Neither Amren nor Taylor discuss the Jewish question. Jared Taylor is part JewishKathleen R. Arnold a professor from the  Political Science department at DePaul University states, “unlike many other white supremacists, Taylor is not anti-Semitic, and in fact encourages Jews to join”

Verdict: controlled

G Edward Griffin
He seemed pretty genuine. His greatest claim to fame was The Creature From Jekyll Island, which some say was plagiarized from Eustace Mullins’s Secrets of the Federal Reserve.
Griffin did admit that much of what’s happening in the world today comes straight from Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. He however claims that “it’s not just the Jews”. Ed Griffin is a pure gatekeeper. Though Griffin discusses the Rothschilds extensively in Jekyll Island, he never points out the background of those people. Griffin was a former member of the John Birch society.

Verdict: controlled

Lew Rockwell
One of the biggest names behind the libertarian movement, Lew Rockwell, exposes big government and all the problems they’ve been creating. He is closely associated with the Von Mises Institute. Like most, he never discusses the hand that feeds the system. Rockwell is a gatekeeper and is Jewish.

Verdict: controlled

Stefan Molyneux
Molyneux is another libertarian and has a large audience. Molyneux’s mother is Jewish. In the past he actually mentioned that the Jews were behind the Bolshevik Revolution, but later backtracked. Molyneux also had exposed the official story on 9/11, but in that incidence too he’s backtracked.

Verdict: controlled

Those that do Mention the J’s
The ones who do mention the ones behind Hollywood, the banking system, and the media comprise a whole different category. This is probably the trickiest area to cover in terms of determining shills and disinformation agents. Over time I’ve come to the conclusion that nearly all of the ones who do discuss the Jewish question too are controlled. You really have to know the agendas of the establishment and your ability to see through manipulation to figure out the con-men here. I’ll start off with the ones I feel are legit.


PMTMR was a former youtube personality that disappeared from the scene on August 2017. I feel there was no person that was more honest and more sincere about exposing the establishment than him. Though there were things he got incorrect (particularly in regards to the bible and Judeo-Christianity) he was spot on when it came to the really big picture. PMTMR’s specialty was the Holocaust, WWII, and Hitler. He was the only one I knew who attempted to portray reality by showing real footage of mutilated bodies and torture camps of Abu Graibe and the ones of WWII. PMTMR wanted to show the way things actually were and often spoke from real life experiences. He exposed stuff you rarely see elsewhere. PMTMR knows that not everything is purely black and white and does not paint it as such. He sees a lot of grey areas and often discusses both sides of a story, something most don’t bother doing.

Verdict: uncontrolled

Mike Stathis

Mike Stathis runs AVA investment research. He is the only person I know who actually exposes how the alternative media and controlled opposition works. He presents his material in a completely different manner than most. Instead of just presenting information, Stathis presents things in an educational manner in an attempt to get you to think beyond the rhetoric. He  exposes the money-making scheme of the gold pumpers and doom and gloomers, who’s real agenda is making money off of you. Though I have not subscribed to Stathis’ services, I have watched a number of his videos on YouTube when they were still up. By those videos, I believe I have gotten a pretty good gist of what he was about.

Verdict: uncontrolled

Digger for Truth

Digger for Truth was among the few that proposed actual solutions to our problems and was NOT a white nationalist. He contributed to Renegade Tribune and had his own blog. While Digger was against mass third world immigration to the West and was against the  promotion of miscegenation of whites with non-whites, Digger realized that ALL Gentiles were under attack. He knew that we all had the same enemies. Digger has disappeared from the scene a couple of years ago and nothing has been heard about him since. Yes, he got a few things wrong and he himself did not realize the full extent of controlled opposition. But like PMTMR, he knew the big picture.

Verdict: uncontrolled

Right Wing Universe (revised)

Was kicked off youtube about a year ago but has a bitchute channel now (search rightwinguniverse.) Discusses the Jewish Question in length and covers many topics and aspects of it – particularly WWII. Right Wing Universe is a bookworm. He is white nationalist and can be quite polarizing. Right Wing Universe presents things in an educational manner and has a calm approach. He Is not as dogmatic as you think. Like PMTMR he presents much of his stuff taking both sides of an argument into account. However as of late something isn’t quite right with RWU. He has flip-flopped on certain things. While in the past he exposed Judeo-Christianity, today he has done a complete reversal and started to promote the “ideals” of it.  I used to be certain he wasn’t controlled opp but now I am having some doubts.

Verdict: possibly controlled

Scott Roberts

There is a lot of similarities between Scott Roberts and PMTMR. Though Roberts is a hard hitting guy who knows who the enemies are, he promotes a high amount of polarization. Roberts is very one-sided and unlike PMTMR he paints the entire picture of reality as black and white. In one video Roberts discusses the slave trade and said that it was the blacks who benefited the most from it (because they have been infinitely better off in America rather than living in grinding poverty back in Africa). He said the sole purpose of the slave trade was to genocide the whites. That’s half-truth but the biggest reason of the slave trade was to exploit cheap labor and line the pockets of the Jewish businessmen who ran the trade. Jews have always been shrewd businessmen. Roberts says it is only the whites who are under attack, without acknowledging the Jewish genocide campaign against the other races races such as the Arabs, Africans, and Asians over the years. Roberts like so many tells you (whites) what you want to hear. As far as I know, Roberts has not acknowledged PMTMR even though PMTMR has acknowledged Roberts. When PMTMR disappeared, Roberts made no mention of it. Also he’s been known to hook up with Mike Delaney and Andrew Anglin, both of whom are suspect.

Roberts is more of a rally seeker and presents little in the way of educating the audience. He shows both his face and tells his name (whether real or not does not matter) which makes me think that nobody is going after him. He has been interviewed by Renegade at least once and had a number of his stuff posted on their site (though there appears to have been a recent fallout). Red Ice interviewed him several years back and the video got over 50k views. Yes Roberts has a small audience today and keep getting banned on YouTube but a small audience does not necessarily guarantee that one is uncontrolled. Of all people listed here, I probably learned the least amount from him. I find that his videos are more or less the same.

Verdict: likely controlled

William Pierce

William Pierce was a hard hitting man who really exposed Jewish hegemony. He’s done hundreds of audios and appeared to be very serious about what he was doing. Pierce was the founder of National Alliance which some say is controlled opposition. Like Scott Roberts, Pierce is a white nationalist and can be quite polarizing. I’m not aware that Pierce has offered much in the way of actual solutions to the problems. He had also been interviewed at least a couple of times by a mainstream channel – 60 Minutes of CBS. Pierce also has an entry on Wikipedia which tells me he has some sort of exposure. His mentor was George Lincoln Rockwell, who has some issues.

Verdict: probably controlled

George Lincoln Rockwell

Was a mentor to William Pierce. Rockwell was a white nationalist who was active during the 60s until his assassination. Rockwell is highly polarizing and toed the familiar white nationalist line that all the brown people were out to get them. Back in the 60s he was propagating how bad the blacks were and yes they have some real faults (Today the line among white nationalists is how bad the Arab-Muslims are.) Back in the 60s Rockwell was cheering on the Vietnam War and scolded the anti-war left for being pro-communism. Today the line among those same types of people is how we should “contain Islam” and that the anti-war people are pro-terrorism.

Though I learned some valuable things from Rockwell’s book “White Power” I realized that his real mission, like that of pretty much all white nationalists, was that of dividing the people up and making sure that there was not a solid block of Gentile solidarity against the Jews.

Verdict: controlled

David Duke
I used to be a fan of David Duke but over time I realized he was controlled. The fact that Duke is a household name (though not in a positive way) should make one suspicious. But recently what really caused me to distrust Duke was his incessant shilling for Donald Trump. He has made idiotic statements such Trump being the last hope against Zionism and the Jew World Order. In actuality Trump has been kissing ass to Jews and has received tens of million$ in donations from key Jewish supports. By Duke shilling for Trump he also shills his support (at least indirectly) for Israel and it’s Zionist policies, which Trump is fully committed. This pretty much confirms that Duke is controlled opposition.

Additionally, Duke (again a reminder that he had appeared in Halloween costumes) serves as a favorite punching bag for those who have reasons to attack Jewish “conspiracies” and makes genuine truthers (the few out there) look silly.

Verdict: controlled

Kevin MacDonald

There is no work that has helped me see the light and the bigger picture than the Culture of Critique. I believe it is the best material out there (another excellent work is his Understanding Jewish Influence) when it comes to the Jewish question. That being said his endorsement of Donald Trump and controlled opposition shills like David Duke makes me certain that MacDonald is controlled. He has also joined with the rest of the alt-right in the bashing of Israel’s immediate enemies, the Arab-Muslims, whom completely surround Israel. MacDonald has a relatively high amount of exposure and is one of the most recognizable names in the white nationalist movement. I still highly recommend some of his books and I do feel that it is almost impossible to avoid all the controlled opps in order to get relevant information. You just have to know how to use the information.

Kevin MacDonald serves as a “punching bag” for those who look into the JQ. Like David Duke, MacDonald is probably there to make those who look into the JQ as sub-human, mentally unstable, unsophisticated, and unfit for society. When you do a web search for Kevin MacDonald, the first pages of the search is filled with articles by the SPLC and other sites linking him to Neo-Nazi and hate groups.

Verdict: controlled

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

(2020 update) Bjerknes was one of those guys I once thought to be legit but now I am certain he is controlled opp. Bjerknes was a guy who was much more legit in the beginning. He now is leading his followers down the path of confusion and even supporting the agendas of the establishment. This is a common tactic of controlled opps, which is to build an audience through honesty and truth-telling and then stabbing them in the back once the audience grows to a large size. Years ago along with his extensive exposure of the bible, he was also exposing the fraud that the War on Terror was and how the war had the intention of destroying the Arabs and their land. Over the last few years Bjerknes has done a complete reversal and like so many in the alt-right circles he has been bashing those very same people – no doubt for the benefit of Israel. Bjerknes pretty much nailed it in the coffin when he written a book called Adolf Hitler, Bolshevik and Zionist. He claimed that Hitler was secretly working for the Jews and was funded by them.

Verdict: controlled

Renegade Tribune

A site that I thought was legit but found out that there were just like all the other sites out there that pretended to expose real things. Like nearly all sites out there they act like they are on your side fighting for the little guy and are actively trying to take down the system. There’s a lot of hot air coming out of Renegade with no real solutions. They refused to interview real truthers, such as PMTMR and Mike Stathis. Renegade resorts to attacks if they feel they are being challenged. Sinead McCarthy, a leading contributor to Renegade and the wife of the man behind Renegade Kyle Hunt, promoted the flat-earth theory in the past.

Verdict: controlled

Charles Giuliani

Charles Giuliani does his podcasts on Renegade Broadcasting. His specialty is the Bible and claims he was about to enter the priesthood until he read the thing and found out it wasn’t what he thought it was. Other than the Bible, Giuliani covers a dizzying array of subject matters ranging from the death of Michael Jackson, to the moon landings, to the Founding Fathers of America. A lot of the things he discusses are interesting and would like to read up more about them. However for some odd reason Giuliani rarely publicizes his sources, though from what I’ve been told you can email Giuliani for them. The fact that he has been doing shows for years on Renegade, which I have determined to be controlled, should make one suspicious. Giuliani presents a similar problem of that of Kyle Hunt. Is he a one man show? Where does Giuliani get the time to research such an enormous diversity of subject matters while also, I presume, have time to earn a living? Despite the question marks surrounding him, I do believe you will learn a lot from this man.

Verdict: Possibly controlled

Eustace Mullins
Eustace Mullins is considered the father of all conspiracy researchers. However I have determined him to be a gate keeper like so many who pretend to expose Jewish conspiracies. The Curse of Canaan is one big piece of disinformation intended to confuse his audience on the Jews, their scriptures, and the NWO. Mullins claims that the Jews descended predominately from the Canaanites which is flat out disinformation. He is a household name among those into the JQ. Mullins is a heavy promoter of Judeo-Christianity.

Verdict: controlled

Michael Hoffman
I know I am stepping on some toes here. Especially when it comes to Jews, Christians, and the bible. But this man has to be expose for what he is. Just like so many who discuss the JQ, Hoffman promotes Judeo-Christianity to a very high degree. Just the title of one of his books should tell you something: Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit. Going by the title, Hoffman wants you to believe the Talmud has little to do with biblical Judaism which is FALSE. Though he correctly tells you the Talmud is racist and condones the exploitation of the Gentiles, the same is also true for the TORAH. The Torah IS the foundation of Judaism. Michael Hoffman is a Jew.

Verdict: controlled

Brother Nathanial Kapner
Another Jew turned Christian conman. There is no such thing as an ex-Jew – once a Jew always a Jew. While Brother Nathan appears to tell you all you need to know about the Jews, he like Hoffman and Mullins promotes Judeo-Christianity to a high degree.

Verdict: controlled

While Rense does discuss the Jewish question, like so many, they also propagate the bashing of Israel’s direct “enemies” – namely the Arab-Muslims. Rense also propagates a lot of nutty theories out there like that of UFOs and chemtrails.

Verdict: controlled

Other Gatekeepers (not meant to be an exhaustive list): Max Keiser, Greg Marinaro, Jesse Ventura, Glenn Beck, James Corbett, Alan Watt (not to be confused with Alan Watts), RT Network, The Young Turks, Finance & Liberty, Adam Kokesh, The Mises Institute, Jim Marrs, Texe Marrs (no relation to Jim Marrs), Webster Tarpley, Mark Dice, Ralph Epperson, Erice Dubay (flat-earth nonsense) and Veterans Today.

List of Controlled Opps

Shills and Half-Truthers



Revised 11/27/20

(This write-up was originally a post and I have moved it into the pages section. I decided to retain the comments)

May 27, 2019 at 5:26 am

Bjerknes is scum. He spews blatant lies, whether knowingly or not, about The Third Reich.

October 3, 2019 at 12:55 pm

Hi there, you might be interested in a channel called ‘Cultured Thug’ on bitchute. He’s a classical Fascist but has presented good info on the JQ. Him and ‘Mimir’s Head’ engaged in a six hour conversation divided into three different Youtube videos. While I don’t agree with them completely, I believe they both have what I think is the most realistic solution to the jewish problem and offer a better political solution going forward.

As everyone can recall, it wasn’t long ago when White Americans (and most other gentiles for that matter) were reluctant to race mix or marry outside of their own religion or religious sect. I think White people and other races can learn to limit their miscegenation if properly informed by the media and the education system.

prnt. sc/pecj74
October 3, 2019 at 12:55 pm

four hour conversation, not six.
September 9, 2020 at 6:11 pm

Do you still believe that Right Wing Universe [RWU] is uncontrolled?

RWU promotes this „whiteness”, for me he is just a light version of infamous Andrew Anglin. Good old divide and conquer doctrine in action.

RWU promotes Christianity, old style Roman Catholicism which is proven to be a Jewish Trojan Horse for centuries (
RWU says that this old style Roman Catholicism is good in contrast to new one after Second Vatican Council ( This is childish narrative.

RWU promotes irrational right-left paradigm. He even says that Christianity is “Rightist” ( He probably forgot about liberation theology in Latin America murdered by JP2 (whom he calls „antipope”).

September 11, 2020 at 11:27 pm

Suhail, I do admit there are things that make me scratch my head. The things that bothers me the most about RWU is that he takes events such as 9-11 and the Pittsburg synagogue shooting at face value without even giving the possibility that the official version may be incorrect. RWU used to be a critic of Christianity but then again he recently said that Biden wasn’t a true Christian (like if that really matters.) He does promote a lot of polarization which many controlled people do. Maybe he’s doing that to pander to his viewers or perhaps he’s been threatened. Anyway I’m willing to change my possition at any time. I actually do not watch that many of his videos anyway.

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