Think More Clearly: Figuring Out How This World Works

We live in a day and age where there is pervasive amounts of confusion and disinformation being pumped from the media continuously. Too many are in the dark when it comes to deciphering truth from BS and it is not just the average Joe who is confused. Your ability to figure out what is really going on relies on your ability to see past the surface and being able to logically connect the dots. In order to free your mind and figure out how this world really works here are some helpful tips in trying to get through the fog and to try to figure out what is going on:

1) You need to put yourself in a position to be unafraid of questioning everything There should be nothing that cannot be scrutinized. Understandably most people find it terribly uncomfortable to question beliefs that they have long held. However, overcoming this will put you a long way to seeing the light. Often it is the things that cannot be questioned are the very ones that needs to be questioned and examined. You need to ask yourself what you can and cannot question and why.

2) You need to look beyond the surface We have been conditioned from an early age to primarily look and respond to stimuli. Most of us look only at the surface. We eat food without thinking about where it came from and how it got to our plate. We hear the pitch of salesmen and politicians without questioning their motives and agendas. We hear about the “good” war without ever seeing the images of blood, blown up people, dangling body limbs, and destroyed communities. Whatever you are reading, watching, or listening to, you need to look past the images, written word, and whatever rhetoric and blabber comes out of the mouths of those pundits and personalities. You need to look at motives.

3) You should draw conclusions based on facts, logic, and sound reasoning instead of gut feeling, assumption, superstition, and dogma Just because everyone says it is so does not necessarily make it so. Being able to see through BS often requires solid in-depth knowledge of the subject matter being discussed. The more knowledge you have of the subject matter being discussed the better you are able to call bullshit when they are misleading to you. If any belief system or idea requires you to suspend your use of logic and sound reasoning, there is a good chance you are being conned. You need to think logically about the information that you are presented and you do not want to put yourself in a position where you are simply regurgitating information.

4) You should generalize This is particularly true when it comes to understanding human behavior and the different races. If we can generalize about certain makes of cars being more reliable than others or certain breeds of dogs being more aggressive than others then you should have no qualms about generalizing about the traits and behaviors of different groups of people.

5) You should never ignore patterns Once you notice a pattern and start to see similar things appearing over and over again you need to pay attention.

6) Though I say you should generalize your conclusions should be based as much as possible on actual reality For instance if you really want to know how a group of people are you need to get to know them in real life. There can be a world of difference between the information you get from the programming versus seeing the actual reality. So much of figuring out what is going on is escaping the programming and using your own independent judgment based on real-life observations. You need to reduce your exposure to the media and elevate your exposure to the world that you can feel, see, and touch. Your perception should be based on personal experiences and not substitutes for it.

7) Your ability to figure out how the world works relies on a top-down approach You need to get a bird’s eye view of what is going on. Details can be important but you won’t go anywhere if you are getting hung up on the details without taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture.

8) You need to put yourselves in the shoes of those at the top If your goal is to enslave the masses then how would you go about doing it? What would you do to make sure the rest of the people don’t find out it is you who is running things and directing things from behind the scenes?

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