Jenin, West Bank

After Nazareth, I took a bus ride down to Jenin which was only about 25 km away. Jenin is not exactly a tourist town. It hosts is a large Palestinian refuge camp, just across the border from Israel. Jenin was the site of a brutal conflict with the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) back in 2002. It has been under occasional violent attacks by the IDF since.

The kitchen of the hostel I spent a night. There were two other people there. A young lady from Sweden and a young lady from Scotland. They were journalists. I told the Scottish chick about the four-hour Holocaust Revisionism video on YouTube. She told me she may check it out later on.

Despite the depressing history of Jenin, the youngsters there are always up for humor and a laugh. That’s what I find great about their people.

I believe this was at an eatery.