Chapter 4: Agendas

Now you know that the control of the banks, the media, and the politicians comes from the Jews you need to understand what their goals and objectives are. The primary agendas of the Jews are that of fragmentation, radical individualism, democracy, and crony capitalism. Without understanding those agendas, you cannot properly recognize controlled opposition. They have designed the system in a way that makes sure you pose as little threat to them as possible while at the same time making it easy to be enslaved by them. The Jews enslave you by stripping you of your identity and turning you into atomized individuals where you work night and day building their empire while at the same time having your wealth transferred into their hands and being transformed into debt slaves. They have been moving the entire globe towards centralization, a one world currency, and a one world government (eventually to be ruled from Jerusalem.) The Jews have designed a system where it is almost impossible to see outside of it because of their control over the entire flow of information through their media outlets.


A fragmented society ensures that powerful special interest groups will continue to enslave humanity. When people are divided they are of little to no threat to the establishment. The reason we, the 99 percent, are not a threat is because we have no organization. We are too scattered, too polarized, and too distrusting of one another. Nearly every personality out there that pretends to be on our side is actually controlled opposition (more on this later.) We really should be at war against the 1 percent, instead of being at war with one another. We the 99 percent are bickering and pointing fingers at one another and are at odds with one another over relatively minor differences.

What the establishment has worked very hard is that of eliminating solidarity, that is Gentile solidarity. Their goal is to eliminate antisemitism by fragmenting the gentiles so that they will not form a solid block against the Jews. The only people who are allowed to engage in solidarity are the ones enslaving us – the Jewish elites. The members of that privileged group rely on extended family ties and work together as a group. They engage in racial purity. They practice nepotism to a very high degree. They share resources and they brainstorm together. They have a long-term vision and focus on their goals with laser-like precision. They are a very determined group of people and because of all those things, they have become very powerful and will remain so unless something drastically changes.

The establishment promotes the exact opposite of how they behave to everyone else. This is an effective way of controlling the masses and to weaken them. They want everyone else to be fragmented, to be distracted, and to live in the moment and to not worry about their future. They have weakened the family. They bombard us with a thousand different ideologies and a thousand different ideas, leaving us highly confused. They want us to bicker over petty things.

The establishment has worked hard in eliminating the concept of race. A fragmented society makes it easy for powerful special interest groups to rise to the top and to control from within. While everyone else is squabbling and pointing fingers at one another, the elites and the special interest groups are able to increase their power further from behind the scenes. The following are the ways we are divided:

  • radical atomized individualism
  • racial identities being made irrelevant
  • destruction of a sense of pride and identity
  • destruction of the past
  • promotion of nihilism
  • promotion of selfishness and greed
  • promotion of conflict within the races
  • promotion of conflict among the races
  • divisive politics and the phony left-right paradigm
  • pluralism of denominations within religion
  • sub-urbanization and the spreading out of people

A fragmented society is when people behave as individuals. When people are individualized, they have less reservations about working for the “system” since they are primarily concerned only with themselves. Even if the individual realizes he or she is working for a devious entity he or she cannot resist the urge towards working for personal rewards and selfish gains. Individuals are more likely to engage in practices that sacrifice the group for the individual. They are less likely to resist working for an entity that destroys their very own people. By understanding individualism and fragmentation you will understand all the points and agendas below.

Freedom and Democracy

Democracy has been a word carelessly thrown around by the Jewish-establishment controlled media. We have been conditioned to believe that democracy is to imply the highest echelons of morality and that any society that does not practice democracy is backwards and evil. We are to believe that the leaders are elected by the people and the fate of the country hangs in the elections.

In actuality the voter’s perception of the candidates they choose is directly shaped by the establishment-controlled media. This media is funded by the corporations and special interest groups, in the form of ads and sponsorships. The same corporations and special interest groups also put money in the pockets of the candidates running for election. The political candidates that bend over backwards for the powerful special interest groups and the corporations are the ones that receive the most funding and become the front runner in the elections. When a candidates gets elected to office, they return favors back to the interest groups that funded them. This is how “democracy” really works and is the system most preferred by the ones in power. Democracy is a feel good ideology that gives people the illusion that they have the power to make change by merely going to the polls and checking off a ballet.

Democracy is a system favored by the establishment because historically it has been autocratic non-democratic societies that have posed the biggest problem for the (Jewish) elites. Democratic open-societies have made the penetration of special-interest groups easy. Democratic societies are non-discriminatory and the openness of democratic societies such as the West have ensured that the strongest, most powerful and best organized group will rise to the top. That is why the Jewish-controlled media have been huge promoters of democracy. And it is why countries such as North Korea and a host of Middle-Eastern societies such as Iran, Syria, and Libya, which have highly autocratic governments, have been so demonized by the Jewish-controlled media. Those societies have made it impossible, short of military force, to be penetrated.

Democracies also ensure that the people will remain split and fragmented, which as alluded to above, is ideal for the enslavers. Though an open society grants more freedoms to the common citizens it also grants more freedoms to the adversaries. The establishment’s power comes from infiltration. The freer the society is the easier it is for adversaries to infiltrate it and to poison and corrupt that society. That is why the Jewish-controlled media condemns countries that have high levels of censorship. The types of freedoms that the adversaries are most interested in are the freedom to corrupt and invade the mind through the dissemination of lies and propaganda. They also corrupt the mind through the promotion of sex, filth, political-correctness, hysteria, greed and materialism, and anything that splits people apart.

The goal of the Jews is to transform every society on this planet to resemble the systems of the West. They are at the forefront in promoting freedom, liberty, and individualism (they were also the ones promoting the communist movement but that is a different story). Of course much of the freedoms that allowed the oppressors to take control are rescinded once they get in. Jews favor a system that grants equal rights and opportunities to regular law-abiding people as well as to some of the most deviant criminal elements in society. The criminal element in our society are the ones behind the promotion of freedom and democracy. Let that sink in.


Being highly protective of their people, the Jews with their power, money, and influence have worked hand in hand with lawmakers and policymaker to enact laws and policies that discourages and makes discrimination illegal. While laws have made discriminatory practices illegal against all minorities, the Jews are first and foremost concerned with discrimination against them. However enacting laws that makes discrimination illegal against only a certain group of people is certain to raise suspicion and wouldn’t garner support.

Along with non-discriminatory policies in housing, education, and employment comes non-discriminatory policies when it comes to national borders. Jews historically have been very active in promoting open-borders. While immigration policies have much to do with creating an environment that fragments society by mixing up the identities, the Jews are principally concerned with allowing their people, especially the powerful and influential ones, to penetrate. Jews are an international people by nature and have always been much more loyal to fellow Jews than to the country in which they reside.


The Jewish-establishment perhaps owe more of their success to the relative free-markets than anything else. Some may say that everyone, not just Jews, have benefited from free-market capitalism. But Jews are hyper-competitive by nature. Many “Jew-wise” Gentiles do not want to admit it but nobody can compete on a level playing field with the Jews. There are no groups of people that can match their intensity, aggressiveness, and their thirst for money than any other groups of people. Jews are natural born entrepreneurs and capitalists and are highly creative with finance.

The establishment’s real power comes from the infiltration of banks, the media, and the large corporations which while difficult to do in a non-free society is easy to do in a relatively free one. Historically it was governments that restricted the activities of Jews, particularly when it came to Jews doing business with Gentiles. Many Gentiles saw Jews as less than honest money-grubbing businessmen and bankers who would transfer wealth from out of their hands and into the hands of the Jews.

Capitalism is a system based on the private ownership of the means of production and emphasizes profitability. It has indeed brought many wonderful things to our lives and has improved our standards of living immensely. Capitalism has made our societies more peaceful and reduced conflict. Racism and discrimination are reduced under capitalism. Capitalism however rewards not just individuals who are savvy and hard working but also rewards entire collectivist groups of people who are savvy and hard working. The advantage that a group receives from this system allows them to accumulate wealth and power very quickly.

Under capitalism, the maximization of profitability is of utmost importance. The emphasis on profits means serving the most number of customers and clients and making sure no segment of the population is alienated. Large corporations lobby lawmakers to create laws that restrict discrimination. They lobby lawmakers to create an environment where people are dependent on the corporations for all of their needs and necessities instead of an environment where people are dependent on other people for their needs. This is particularly true in America where zoning laws create an atomized population by spreading people out and separating residential and businesses areas. Maximizing profits means encouraging a system that milks as much money from the people as possible and encouraging materialism, consumerism, and high amounts of debt. The following are examples of laws and regulations that benefit Wall Street and the corporations:

  • laws that make it illegal for people to grow their own food in their backyards
  • laws that make it illegal to sleep in your car at rest areas
  • laws that make it illegal to live off-grid
  • laws that make communal living illegal
  • regulations that call for excessive emissions, fuel economy, and safety standards for automobiles, thus making cars more expensive
  • urban layouts that are designed to discourage mass transit and make cities less walkable

Capitalism, democracy, and atomization all go hand-in-hand. The establishment promotes these things throughout all corners of this globe to maintain and enrich their wealth and power.

What is good for the corporations is good for the Jews and vice versa.


As stated in Democracy, the establishment wants you to believe that you can effect real change by simply going to the polls and checking off a ballet. They discourage people from taking action in their own hands, particularly with violence. Any sort of movement that is not under the establishment’s control is frowned upon. They want to weaken you (Gentiles) as much as possible. The establishment promotes non-aggression and are into making the world as safe as possible for the Jews and in particular making the world as safe as possible for the Jewish establishment.

Neighborhoods in America are designed in a way that encourages atomization and discourages community,  solidarity, and sharing of resources. The local news program propagates endless stories of shootings, robberies, killings, and rape to instill fear and mistrust into Americans to the point of Americans even being mistrustful of their next door neighbors. Gobs of entertainment is provided to us by the media, Hollywood, and sports venues to distract and pacify us even further. Additionally, people in the West and particularly in America simply have too much to lose by going against the system. The typical Westerner is relatively well off with good paying jobs and has a home, a couple of motor vehicles, a pension, a retirement package, and a family. It is only when they start to lose some of that will they actually be motivated to make real change.

Organized Religion

The world’s four largest religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, comprise roughly three-quarters of the world’s population (the other one-quarter are either irreligious or practice a native folk religion). These religions are pacifist by nature (the conversion to those religions  may be a different story however). With respect to Christianity, Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible:

But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despite-fully use you, and persecute you

– Matthew 5:44 of the King James Bible

Islam’s, Buddhism’s, and Hinduism’s attitude in dealing with adversaries are not much different than that of Christianity.

Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are universalist religions. They accept all unconditionally regardless of background or race. All organized religions, except Judaism, emphasizes the afterlife, de-emphasizes reality, and de-emphasizes  identity. Judaism by contrast is a religion that protects their people’s identity, promotes fighting back against their enemies, punishes their people from converting to another religion, and views the outgroup, in this case the Gentiles, as inferior and exploitable. This is a blueprint for enslaving all others.

Wars for Israel

Among the most important agenda for the establishment has been the maintenance and defense of the state of Israel. Considering the concentration of Jews in high positions of power in the West this should come as no surprise. Israel is a Jewish state and many influential Jews have strong attachments to it. The War on Terror was a war designed to force regime change on the nations perceived to be a threat to the state of Israel, namely the Arab countries that surround the state of Israel. The media and churches in America promote Israel to a very high degree.

Destruction of Anti-Semites

Because of the Jews’ dominance of the media, they are able to regularly use their outlets to smear and humiliate individuals (and even entire groups of people) who criticize the Jews and the state of Israel. Also because of the Jews’ dominance of the media they are able to completely censor their critics outright and make sure there are no opposing views.

On the foreign policy front, the militaries of the US and the Western nations have been used to completely destroy entire countries that are deemed “anti-semitic” and hateful towards the Jews. Countries and leaders that either do not want to do business with the Jews, do not allow Jewish bankers and businessmen to do business in their country, or are seen as hostile towards the nation of Israel (namely Israel’s Arab neighbors) are considered anti-Semitic and must be dealt with by force.

Enforcement of Agendas

Finally and perhaps the most important agenda of the Jews is the enforcement of their agendas. They enforce their agendas through the media outlets, which they have a complete monopoly over. Their controlled media denigrates those who go against these agendas and at times commits violence against those that do.


The Jews works hard at destroying Gentile solidarity while maintaining theirs. They promote individualism and atomization to the maximum degree by encouraging diversity, destroying the concept of race, destroying the identity, and pitting one group against another. The Jews create friction through divisive politics, differences of ideology, and differences of religion. They then pacify the masses so they don’t fight back. Through their media outlets they demonize anybody who goes against the Jews and their agendas. Lastly the Jews promote freedom and democracy to make it easy for them to infiltrate society and subvert it from within. A liberal society allows the Jews to rule the world through capitalism and to promote money and material possessions over family and community thus destroying the Goyim even further.

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