Scenes of Bethlehem and vicinity. Bethlehem is located in the West Bank, Palestine and close to Jerusalem. It is right on the Israel border. Bethlehem is reputed to have been the birthplace of Jesus. It has the largest Christian population of any West Bank city. Arab Christians were 85 percent of the population in 1947. In modern times, the percentage has fallen below twenty. While the Christians and Muslims generally get along pretty well in Bethlehem, most Christians have emigrated because of the lack of economic opportunities and instability. The Christians are more likely than the Muslims to be middle class and better educated.


Manger Square

Jesus was said to be born here:

Sunday mass

Car with an Israeli plate on the left and one with a Palestinian plate on the right:

The wall between the West Bank and Israel. Me in the photo.


The Dheisheh Refugee Camp

I spent a night here:

Overlooking Bethlehem

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