Taybeh, West Bank

Taybeh is an Arab-Christian village in the West Bank, northeast of Jerusalem. The folks of Taybeh, despite being Christians, have been subject to just as much discrimination and harassment by Israeli authorities as the Muslim-Palestinians. Me and a couple of folks from the hostel in Ramallah took a day trip to Taybeh and the Dead Sea.

Taybeh may be the best known for it’s brewery. I took a tour of it when I was there.  

After Taybeh, we went for a swim at the Dead Sea. We took a taxi to Jericho (not much to see there) and then hitchhiked from there to the beach. Even though the beach we went to was wholly within West Bank territory, Israel owns and runs the beach. The Dead Sea area has some amazing landscapes and history.

On route to the Dead Sea, still supposedly Palestinian territory.

This area was the northwestern part of the Dead Sea. The water is extremely salty and you will get sick if you drink it. You can easily float on water. Jordan is on the other side.