Jewish Wealth Transfer Schemes

Besides the banking system and Wall Street, there is a more subtle Jewish transfer of wealth going on and most are not even aware of it.

This Sephardic Jew Rivero blames the Ashekenazis for all the problems. Rivero is married to an Ashekenazi!

Jeff Rense. Oh boy.

“Brother” Nathan is probably the most egregious of them all. He uses religion to dupe his followers in giving. Religious types tend to give more on emotion.

“Plastic face” David Duke and Kevin MacDonald (runs the Occidental Observer) are strongly suspected to be Jews. They also promote each other.

Duke is asking for up to a $5000 donation!

MacDonald already makes money on his subscriptions. Why does he need donations on top of that?

These guys could easily be making seven figures in donations. Think about the size of their audience. It’s probably in the millions. Remember folks, by donating to these guys they are emptying the pockets of the dumb goyim sheep and are gaining even more power.

These Jews are making money exposing the Jews? Something isn’t right here is it? You think they are telling the full truth and everything you need to know?

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