Chapter 3: How Did Jews Get So Dominant?

Though Jews make up only a small proportion of the  populations of the West, they dominate key areas of society. Here are nine reasons why:

1) Work ethic Jews have a work ethic that few other people possess. They are workaholics by nature. When they set out to make a goal they make damn well sure it gets achieved. They focus on their work with laser-like precision and do not easily become distracted. Jews will not hesitate to work well past normal working hours, while everyone else has long left the office. Jews do not waste their time decaying in front of TVs or playing video games. They know life is short and they know that their time on earth is precious. While a typical gentile may spend a good deal of their lives relaxing and shooting the breeze, a typical Jew does not know how to relax. They must forever be up and doing something.

2) High degrees of in-group loyalty While many people think that Jews are in high positions of leadership solely because of their work ethic and intelligence, the fact is their in-group loyalty is perhaps the most responsible for their success. Jews, being ethnocentric, practice a high degree of nepotism. Given a choice between a Jew or Gentile, a Jew will usually pick a Jew over a Gentile even if the Jew is less qualified. When a Jew gets to the top, he or she will also make sure that their fellow Jew joins them there as well.


Jews have kinship networks as strong as other people’s, maybe more strong. All that Hollywood talent producers are always aware of who is a Jew, and I am sure they feel more comfortable hiring Jews. My parents liked the idea of my marrying a Jew because Jews are gemutlich, as my mom always says family, kin. We know all the social cues, can finish one another’s sentences, etc.

And look at the New York Times, where Brooks works. Is it an expression of Jewish genius that most of the political columnists are Jewish? Tom Friedman, Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, David Brooks et al. Or does it maybe reflect the fact that a Jewish family has majority ownership of the newspaper and that most of the big editors have been Jewish and at some level, unconscious or otherwise, they favor Jews?
– Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss

Jewish businessmen, in particular, rely on strong family ties with networks often extending well beyond the borders of the country in which they reside. Jews are international by nature, while gentiles tend to be nationalists. Jews show more loyalty to fellow Jews, regardless in which part of the world they live, than to their host country.

3) Fear of persecution The Jews’ desire to be at the top probably stems in part from their fear of being discriminated and persecuted against. Jews have a long history of persecution and they have long memories of that. They feel that they must be involved in every decision-making process, from which curricula must be taught in schools to what books can and cannot be read. In the minds of Jews if that decision making is made without them having an input, that may lead to the next Holocaust and them being wiped out. Ethnocentric people tend to have high levels of paranoia of being targeted. To be at the top directing things is to ensure their survival.

4) Feelings of superiority and duty to remake the world This fits in with Number 3. Many Jews see the world filled with violence, ugliness, and hate and especially hatred towards them. Because of the Jews’ strong in-group loyalty they see those outside of their group as unequals and not on the same level. Whatever criticisms directed towards them is seen as baseless. The Jews feel it is their obligation to remake the world as they see fits them and remove that ugliness and hate. Ethnocentric people, such as the Jews, have feelings of superiority over others. Thus  being heads of the media, Hollywood, and the banking system, they have proven and demonstrated their superiority.

(Ethnocentrism) involves stereotyped negative imagery and hostile attitudes regarding outgroups, stereotyped positive imagery and submissive attitudes regarding ingroups, and a hierarchical, authoritarian view of group interaction in which ingroups are rightly dominant, outgroups subordinate. – Daniel J. Levinson

5) Tenacity and Persistency Jews are a tenacious people. They are highly motivated in whatever endeavors they pursue. To a Jew there is no such thing as “impossible.” There is little that will get in their way of whatever goals they take on. If they don’t get their way they do not stop. They will come up with a better technique. When you combine the Jews’ work ethic and their tenacity to take on projects and agendas to advance the welfare of their group at whatever cost, you are dealing with a powerful and influential group of people.

6) Aggressiveness One reason Jews get their way is  because they are more aggressive than others. While Jews are not afraid of critiquing and humiliating non-Jews, the other way around is not true. Most Gentiles, and particularly most white Gentiles, do not dare criticize, let alone take up any action against Jewish power and hegemony. Part of that may have to do with the fact that Jews typically lash out whenever they do face criticism – a clear sign of aggressiveness. Tony Martin illustrates in The Jewish Onslaught what happens when you attempt to expose Jewish power. Martin a professor at Wellesley college in Massachusetts was teaching out of the book, The Secret Relationship Between Black and Jews. The book documented the heavy Jewish involvement in the Transatlantic slave trade. Despite the fact that the  sources for the book that Martin taught out of were  predominantly Jewish, Jews staged a massive protest against Martin and asked the university to fire him for “hate-speech.” Four Jewish organizations – the ADL, the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, and the Jewish Community Relations Council – completely swarmed and staged a boycott of Tony Martin. Martin said the actions that the Jews took against one man was “without precedent.”

Though Tony Martin was a rare example of a Gentile standing up to the Jews, most Gentiles, and particularly most white Gentiles are too gentle and too afraid of confronting those more aggressive than them. Because most Gentiles are unwilling to defend against Jewish power, Jews can do many things without fear of repercussion.

7) Scriptures No doubt many Jews feel the need to be in dominant positions of power because of what their scriptures discloses. For example in Jubilees 32:18-19:

I am the God who created heaven and earth. I shall increase you, and multiply you exceedingly; and kings shall come from you and shall rule wherever the foot of the sons of man has trodden. I shall give to your seed all the earth which is under heaven, and they shall rule over all the nations according to their desire; and afterwards they shall draw the whole earth to themselves and shall inherit it for ever.

And in Deuteronomy 15:6 :

You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you.

Many Jews feel the God-given obligation to fulfill scriptures and by fulfilling scriptures they feel they are doing their duty as a true Jew.

8) Judaism Judaism does not focus on the afterlife, which is totally unlike other religions such as Christianity and Islam. Nowhere in the Hebrew Bible is there any mention of an afterlife. The concept simply does not exist. Because Jews do not have a concept of the afterlife, they feel the need to make sure that the actual life they are living is fulfilled to it’s highest potential. They feel that whatever needs to get accomplished must be in THIS life and not the next. Unlike Christianity and Islam, Judaism focuses on the fact that this life they are currently living in is REAL. Judaism is a religion of taking initiatives. This attitude is instilled in that Jews are action takers and do not rely on hope and faith. They do not place hope that someone else will take care of their problems. Jews take action in their own hands. It’s the Gentiles that rely on hope that someone else, whether it is a deity or whoever, will come to their rescue.

9) Obsessions with Wealth Wealth is power and some of the most accomplished bankers, financiers, and businessmen that the world has ever seen are Jewish. Jews have acted as moneylenders to royal families and the aristocracies since ancient times. To be a true Jew means making lots of money and especially making money with other people’s money. Wealthy Jews tend to earn respect from other Jews. Jewish scriptures places emphasis on generating wealth. For example, Genesis 26:12-14 discloses:

Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him. The man became rich, and his wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy. He had so many flocks and herds and servants that the Philistines envied him.

Trade and finance appears to be a Jewish trait. Jews, being a nomadic people, never acquired the in-depth knowledge of the land like the natives did. Therefore the Jews did poorly when it came to farming and subsistence living. In order to survive they lived off the backs of others, such as what parasites do. The Jews would take existing goods  and redistributed them elsewhere, taking a cut of the profit. After doing this for a while they became experts at acting as middlemen and making large sums of money. In time they became international traders and financiers.

revised – 12/20/21

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