You never know how long this site will stay up. Many good sites have disappeared for good. I highly encourage you to copy my content and archive and share it and spread the word. Why you should archive my material:

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If you want to submit material to be published, please let me know. I especially would like volunteers to contribute a chapter in my writing. I am looking for a study on any group of heathen people. I am particularly interested in their relations with colonizers and their conversion process to mass religion, be it Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism.

Note: When I refer to Jews in my blog, I don’t mean all Jews. There is a certain percentage of them who have acted as subversives throughout history. This is the element I focus on. Many innocent Jews are getting hurt by what powerful and influential Jews are doing. However few Jews speak out against this subversive element and many seem to defend them, even when they themselves are being hurt by it. So Jews who are not part of the problem, instead of defending them, need to speak up against what the troublemakers are doing. That way they can earn some respect and not be lumped together with all other Jews that are causing problems.

Note (as of Nov `23): I am busy with life and won’t be updating my site with new material until at least the summer of next year. My financial blog is being updated every month though.