Ten Rules to Remember to Avoid Being Taken

  1. You MUST minimize your exposure to the media, both mainstream and alternative, if you want to be able to think properly.
  2. ALWAYS be wary of free content. If the content is free it is free for a reason. If the content is free, you may very well end up being screwed. Many free services and content ends up being a ploy to support advertisers or buy overpriced products and services.
  3. NEVER trust anybody who disseminates information and ask for donations. This ties in with the above. Con men like to make their stuff free and beg for money afterwards.
  4. NEVER gravitate to someone because you like their personality. If you like their personality you will believe and trust what they say uncritically. Stay away from those that are overtly friendly and pretend to fight for the little guy while “taking down the system.” They are telling you what you want to hear while pushing an agenda on you.
  5. STAY AWAY from those who are trying to entertain you. Reality is actually grim and ugly.
  6. NEVER trust a circle of friends if one is tainted. Con men rarely work in isolation. They team up with others to promote their agendas. Watch who they promote and interview.
  7. If you want to keep up with the media at the very least STAY AWAY from those that discuss politics, religion, and current events. You cannot think straight when exposed to those things.
  8. ALL propaganda and disinformation is based on some sort of truth. Without some truth nobody would believe in the propaganda.
  9. You need to learn something IN-DEPTH. The more knowledgeable you are about something the harder it is for one to bullshit you on it.
  10. Your understanding of the world should primarily stem from REALITY and not substitutes for it. Your understanding should be from real life observations of the world that you can see, hear, and touch.