• Turns to the “system” (government, corporations, media, police) for all his or her needs
  • Turns to the programming (television, internet, radio, books, articles, etc) to understand the outside world
  • Turns to social media, sports programming, movies, and television shows for comfort
  • Has a poor knowledge of geography (particularly international geography)
  • Turns to drugs (legal or illegal) and alcohol as an escape
  • Is materialistic,  selfish, and greedy
  • Speculates in stocks, property, and other volatile assets
  • Uses material possessions as a way to impress others (keeping up with the Jones)
  • Lives for the moment and does not think for the future
  • Has weak ties to family and community
  • Does not know or does not want to know their neighbors
  • Moves from place to place never establishing any roots to the land or the community
  • Is superficial
  • Has poor social skills and negotiating skills
  • Participates in politics and organized religion
  • Is a radical individualist

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